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Ride for the Resilient

Ride for the Resilient, a dice run, is in its third year and will have new additions. The first one hundred participants registered will receive the annual FW22 patch for free. This year, the event will start with an escorted ride from Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne to Schnelker Park in New Haven. We will have a couple of guest speakers and will then hand out the ride cards with the stop locations. You will roll your first roll and record the number there. Riders will be dismissed after taking their roll to make their way to the remaining three stops at their own pace.

Like last year, we will have a bonus feature which will allow you to roll the dice an extra time upon returning to HDFW and if higher, can replace any of your previous rolls. Riders from last year really enjoyed this opportunity, the bonus stop will be announced day of event. At the end of the event, dice rolls will be counted and the rider with the highest number will win the cash prize and FW22 swag bag.

There will be food and drink at the conclusion of the ride, vendor and sponsors will be announced later, so stay tuned for details!

Cost: $20 for rider, $10 for passenger

Kick Stands Up: Noon

Place: Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne

Prize: $100 cash prize and FW22 swag bag